At Park Hebrew we take pride in our dedicated team of educators. Our teachers and assistants are hand picked for their warmth, passion and desire to impart their love and knowledge of Judaism to their students. 


        Brocha Benhiyoun Founder and Director 

Born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida to a family dedicated to Jewish community, Brocha began her involvement in Jewish education at a young age.  After spending some time studying in New York she returned home to help establish a vibrant Preschool and directed Hebrew School as well. Her expertise with students is her caring and patient attitude towards each child individually and the belief in finding the good in every one of her students. What she especially enjoys is creating a community environment within the school. 

Wife and Mom of four boys, She loves packing out of the city to enjoy the nature just miles away and is known for her Urban Challah at Green City Market

Connect with Brocha: [email protected] Phone: 5612548003