Chabad Lincoln Park had a rare opportunity to purchase a Torah that was written in pre WWII Europe.  

This Torah is also unique as it was written in "Ktav Alter Rebbe" an uncommon and highly regarded form of Torah calligraphy that requires a Scribe with an exceptional level of skill and training.  

As you can imagine, this Torah was in need of repair and restoration. A senior scribe in Chicago for over 40 years, Rabbi Yochanan Nathan, was tasked  to complete the process, over many months. 

We would like to thank Mr. Jonathan and Stephanie Arnold, who generously dedicated this Torah in loving memory of his father, Farvel Ben Yitzchak. 

Please join to celebrate the welcoming of the Torah to our community on August 15. For dedication opportunities and more info click here

Photos from the ceremony begining the process of restoration on Oct. 21, 2020: